USS Cusk Reunion - 12 October 1990

The first reunion was held in San Diego, California


Group Picture

Back row standing left to right - J. W. Hickman, Bob Hannon, Mark Markham, John Ghiselin, Ralph Anderson & Jack Brinkerhoff

Front row standing - Edward Weberski, Garrett Baker, Ray Peckenpaugh, Frank Shrope, Bruce Pierson, Earl McGaughey, Robert McDonald, George Harlow, Frank Thiry

Back row sitting - Darrell Miller, Walter Hanau, Robert Strosser, Jack Dunaway, Delmer Wetering, Alfio Toni, Dick Weyenberg, Dick McKenzie & Bob Lowry

Front row sitting - Harold Staggs, Bob Perry, Dave Hakin, Kirby Sheets, Roy A Hervey, Donald Call, R. F. Miller, Charles Boushley

Not Shown - Robert Bell, James Kane, Jim Wilke & Lavern Speed

Organizers - Ralph Anderson, Charles Bouschley, R. F. Miller & Jim Wilke

(Photo courtesy of Charlie Bouschley)


Getting ready for the group Picture

(Photo courtesy of Richard McKenzie)


Still getting ready for the Picture

(Photo courtesy of Richard McKenzie)


View outside during dinner

(Photo courtesy of Richard McKenzie)


Richard McKenzie, Nan McKenzie, Ed Weberski & unidentified

(Photo courtesy of Richard McKenzie)


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