USS Cusk 2018 Reunion - 2 to 6 April in Richland, Washington

We will be staying in the Red Lion Richland Hanford House and plans are in the works for a variety of tours, boat rides, etc.  Contact Information is below.  Itinerary and other reunion details will be posted here shortly.

USS Cusk 2018 Hotel Registration: Red Lion Hotel Richland Hansford House: 802 George Washington Way, Richland, Washington 99352

                                                     USS Cusk Rates:  $109 per night for a single or two queen bed room.  Rates good for 3 days before and after the reunion.

Phone: 1-800-RED LION, (800) 733-5466 Online Reservations:

Contacts: Jessica Schafer, Senior Area Sales Manager - Toll Free: (800) 910-9291, Hotel Direct: (509) 946-7611

                Steve 'Willy" Wilson, USS Cusk Reunion Coordinator - Cell: (509) 539-8791, Email:

Realtor Map of Richland Area

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Red Lion Richland Hansford House - 2018 reunion headquarters

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Richland location in Washington State

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The Reach Museum

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Richland, Washington

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Columbia Valley Wine Country

14 Hands Winery.  One of many Columbia River Valley wineries near Richland

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Winery grape fields near Richland

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Columbia Point Golf Course

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Howard Anon Park

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