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Memorabilia and Souvenirs from the Cusk's Past

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Original Nameplate of the Cusk
Believed to have been attached to the Cusk after or during

Commissioning ceremonies on 6 February 1945.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)

Picture of the Cusk's First Ship's  Patch Design
Donated and signed by the original artist and signed by him and the first crew

(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Ship's Phone Book
Standard directory plate on all internal voice powered phones

(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)

Ship's Log Entry - 12 February 1947
Indicates ship's movement and actions on the day of the historic first Loon launch

(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland & the National Archives)

Electric Boat
Commemorative Champagne Bottle
Engraved as follows:
"USS Cusk,
Launched July 28, 1945
Sponsor, Mrs. Claude S. Gillette
Co-Sponsor, Mrs. Walter G. Reed"
(Courtesy of Erik Newpher)

Torpedo Tube Impulse Pressure Table
Plate was attached to the Cusk's torpedo tubes to reference when firing torpedoes at different depths.

(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)

Commemorative "Cover" of the Cusk's launch
by Electric Boat Co.
 for the Cusk's launch, July 28, 1945.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)
Commemorative "Cover" of the Cusk's launch
by Electric Boat Co.
 about the Cusk's launch on July 28, 1945.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


If you have any information, pictures, history, or crewmember information from the Cusk for any year or event, please contact the Cusk Webmaster.  Thanks!


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 All information and pictures herein were contributed by, and are the property of crewmembers of the USS Cusk.  It is intended solely for your enjoyment and education, and for preserving the memory and history of this great ship.  If you take anything or make copies, please give proper credit.  Your questions and comments are welcomed, as are any pictorial or historical contributions you might wish to donate or loan. 

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