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The Cusk is commissioned and joins the fleet

The Cusk is commissioned at 2:00 P.M. on Thursday, January 31, 1946 in New London, Connecticut.  A commissioning party is held the next evening at "Polly's Inn" in Norwich, Connecticut.  The first ship's patch is also commissioned and the Cusk goes to sea on "Standardization Trials" in March.  Later that year, the Cusk departs on a trip to her new home port of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The trip includes a stop in San Juan, Puerto Rico and a trip to Cristobal, Panama and the Panama Canal.  Later the Cusk is in San Diego and Pearl Harbor and then it off to Kodiak, Alaska for "Iceberg" tests.

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Click here to see the list of crewmembers who came aboard the Cusk in 1946

Pictures and memorabilia from 1946:

1st Ship's Party Attendees
1946 in Norwich, Connecticut
All officers & crew present
except men on watch
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

First Crew List
(Courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

1st Ship's Party - Officers and Crew
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

Captain & Mrs. Paul Summers
at Cusk's commissioning party
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Commissioning Ceremony Invitation
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Commissioning Party Invitation
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Commemorative Commissioning Envelope
about the Cusk's launch.

(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)

Article in local paper about Cusk's

Commissioning, February 5, 1946
(Courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Signed Picture of Ship's Patch
Signed by first
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Article in Milwaukee Journal about the artist who designed the first ship's patch of the Cusk
(Courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

First Ship's Patch
(Courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

1st Ship's Party - Officers and CPOs
R1-S.A. Peterson, V. R. Wanner, F. L. Thomas,

Bill Norrington, Paul Summers, Zeke Zellmer,

D. H. Green, F. C. Cole, Walt Diedrick

R2-J.C. Rendernick, P.A. Gavala, H.F. Lego

Stubbs, G. E. Campbell, O. A. Fosberg,

J. W. Deef & Darden,

R3-unknown, J. K. Ludwig,

F. V. Nuttleman & L. S. Wright
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

Cusk's First Engineering Officer

Lt. Zeke Zellmer

(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Zeke & Mrs. Zellmer with other

Cusk officers
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Lt. & Mrs. Zeke Zellmer
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Commissioning Party Menu
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Commissioning Party Menu (inside)
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

  March 18, 1946 - Standardization Trials
L.P. Kunkle, D. L. Aldredge, F. E. "Moldy" Higgins, Fosberg & Elliot
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

Standardization Trials
Moose Tharp, Clyde Kirk, L.P. Kunkle, Reid, Moldy Higgins, Fosberg, Phil Hansen
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

March 18, 1946
Standardization Trials
F. E. "Moldy" Higgins & D. L. Aldredge
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

  March 18, 1946
Standardization Trials
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

Close up photo of the Bridge
New London, 1946
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

March 18, 1946
Standardization Trials
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

  Tied up outboard of the Diodon
New London, April 1946
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Crewmembers on deck
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Crewmembers on deck
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Small boats alongside, forward of bridge
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Crewmembers on deck
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

View of Alaskan coast when arriving in Kodiak
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Clyde Kirk during Standardization Trials
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

  Entering San Juan, Puerto Rico

May 1, 1946
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

The Cusk in Cristobal, Canal Zone, 1946

sometime between 24 April 1946, when she

made an extended cruise through the

Caribbean Sea, and before she arrived at

San Diego 6 June 1946.
(Photo courtesy of Jim Carrol)

March 18, 1946
Standardization Trials
Thomas Dietz, Parker & Barlow

(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

Cusk outboard the USS Trumpetfish (SS-425)

Kodiak, Alaska, July 1946
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Early Crew Picture
(Photo courtesy of Jim Orr)

Topside alongside the shears, 1946
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

  Entering new home port of

Pearl Harbor, July, 1946
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

Another 'Arctic' Article

 about Cusk's trip to Kodiak, Alaska
(Article courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Historical background of Cusk's first patch
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

San Diego Union article about Cusk's

first trip to Kodiak, Alaska
(Article courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Cdr. Paul Summers & Cdr. Buskirk

discuss plans for Arctic cruise to

Kodiak, Alaska, July 1946
(Article courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Crewmembers on the bridge
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)

Letter documenting Cusk's keel laying through commissioning by Electric Boat

(Courtesy of U.S. Navy Submarine Force Museum)

March 18, 1946, Standardization Trials
(Photo courtesy of Clyde Kirk)

In Kodiak, Alaska outboard Diodon

July, 1946
(Photo courtesy of Zeke Zellmer)


If you have any information, pictures, history, or crewmember names/information from the Cusk in 1946 (or any year), please contact the Cusk Webmaster. Thanks!


Crewmembers who served aboard the Cusk in 1946:

Last Name First & MI City State Rank/Rate Years on Board Eternal Patrol Date Comments
Aldredge Donald Leslie     MOMM2(SS) 46   Plankowner
Allison Robert D     FA(SS) 46 - 47   Plankowner
Barlow Verne Duane Lilburn GA SN(SS) 45 - 46   Plankowner
Bates Robert D     SA(SS) 46 - 47   Plankowner
Bettencourt Edgar Street     QMSN(SS) 46 - 47   Plankowner
Boberick Donald H Pasadena CA RM3(SS) 46 11 Jan 2002 Plankowner
Bovee James M     SA(SS) 46   Plankowner
Brewer W. R.     EM3c 46   Plankowner
Broadfoot James Robert     TM3(SS) 46   Plankowner
Brown Lawrence Fredrick     SC2(SS) 46 - 47 26 September 1974 Plankowner
Campbell George Ellsworth "Buzz"     QMC(SS) 46 Date Unknown Plankowner
Cantrell Alfred C     TM3(SS) 46 - 47   Plankowner
Carroll Loren Andrew Ozawkie KS HM2(SS) 46 - 47 1 November 2008 Plankowner
Cohen Morris Murray     TM2(SS) 46   Plankowner
Cole F C St Louis MO LTJG 46 August 2006  Plankowner
Condon William Henry Dade City FL RM3(SS) 46 29 November 2011 Plankowner
Conforti John Joseph Torrington CT MMOM1(SS) 46 14 June 2010 Plankowner
Cook C. F     MOMM3c 46   Plankowner
D'Arrigo Letterio Leo Myrtle Beach SC RM2(SS) 46   Plankowner
DeLosSantos Julio Dahipon     SDSN(SS) 46 19 May 2006 Plankowner
Dedrick Walter Eugene     LTJG 46 & 52 - 55 28 September 1997 Plankowner, Served as Executive Officer from 52 - 55
Dennis Omer Lee     QM2(SS) 46   Plankowner
Deef James William     HMC(SS) 46   Plankowner
Dietz Thomas Rayle Stillwater MN EM3(SS) 46   Plankowner
Engel H. A.     MOMm3C 46   Plankowner
England Samuel Jackson McCullough     RMSN(SS) 46   Plankowner
Elliott Oliver Warren Moreno Valley CA MOMMFN(SS) 46 29 June 2004 Plankowner
Elliot Q M     F1c 46   Plankowner
Fenton Ronald     RM2(SS) 46 - 47   Plankowner
Ferrer Daniel Rosal     TMSN(SS) 46 - 47   Plankowner
Fisher Walter Curtis Norfolk VA EN1(SS) 46 - 48 13 November 1990 Plankowner
Flanagan Kevin Francis Rockville MD SN(SS) 46 26 July 2014 Plankowner
Flora L L     S1c 46   Plankowner
Fosberg Orville Andrew     MOMMC(SS) 46 - 47 Date Unknown Plankowner
Foster, Jr. Arthur E     FCS1(SS) 46   Plankowner
Frazier John Paul     SA(SS) 46   Plankowner
Franklin Larry Bruce Louisville KT LTJG 61 - 62    
Friel James D Bellerose NY RM2(SS) 46 - 47 22 April 1997


Fulghum Weldon Franklin     TM2(SS) 46 - 47 8 November 2006 Plankowner
Gavala Paul Andrew Fishskill NY CSC(SS) 46 8 November 2006 Plankowner
Gay Leonard San Diego CA SD1(SS) 46 4 February 1994 Plankowner
Hager John Peter Tucson AZ HMC(SS) 46 - 47 4 April 1999 Plankowner, Joined in 1939 left in 1959
Graham Herbert William     RM1(SS) 46 - 53 Date Unknown Plankowner
Girard Lawrence A     RMC(SS) 46 - 49   Plankowner
Green David H     LCDR 46   Plankowner
Grove Carl Gene North Point FL EM2(SS) 45 - 46    Plankowner
Hager John Peter Tucson AZ HMC(SS) 46 - 47 4 April 1999 Plankowner, Joined in 1939 left in 1959
Hansen Phillip Vane "Swede" Bonneau SC MOMM2(SS) 46 - 47 28 May 2011 Plankowner, Retired as LCDR
Haynes, Jr. Harold William Oceanside CA QM2(SS) 46 - 48 26 August 2016 Plankowner
Hazlett Clifford L     GM1(SS) 46 31 March 2005 Plankowner
Heartness O A     MoMM1c 46   Plankowner
Herbst Alfred Otto Annandale VA QMSN(SS) 46 22 October 2013 Plankowner
Higgins Francis E "Moldy" Bangor ME MOMM1(SS) 46 27 October 2004 Plankowner
Hinman Earl Martin     MOMMFA(SS) 46 Date Unknown Plankowner
Horne William Ryan     RMSN(SS) 46   Plankowner
Irving Lloyd Franklin     MOMMC(SS) 46   Plankowner
Jenkins Irvin H     CS1(SS) 46 - 48   Plankowner
Johnston Richard Allen     MOMM1(SS) 46 July 1983 Plankowner
Jordan Robert Louis Groton CT LT 46 - 47 31 December 1992 Plankowner
Keeran Ernest Melvin Ft. Cobb OK RM1(SS) 46 - 47 28 November 1985 Plankowner
Kelly W P     MoMM2c 46   Plankowner
Kennedy Robert E San Diego CA EN1(SS) 46 - 50   Plankowner
Kirk Clyde Vernon Houston TX MOMMFN(SS) 45 - 46 28 February 2014 Plankowner
Kunkel  Leo Paul Jacksonville FL MOMM2(SS) 45 - 48 & 52 - 58 18 February 2015 Plankowner
Lego Herman Frank Castro Valley CA YNC(SS) 46 20 March 1991  Plankowner
Lindstrom David Edward     EM1(SS) 46   Plankowner
Longnecker Everett Glenn San Diego CA EM1(SS) 46 - 47 & 50 - 51 22 February 1987 Plankowner
Lowry Robert White "Bob" Cairo NE EMFN(SS) 46 26 April 2014 Plankowner
Ludwig John Kimball San Diego CA RMC(SS) 46   Plankowner
Lucas Max Alton Woodburn OR SA(SS) 46 - 47 14 June 2012 Plankowner
Lugar J M     TM2c 46   Plankowner
Mahin Jack Burton Carmichael CA EN1(SS) 46 - 50 2 January 2005 Plankowner
Mason Paul B     TMSN 46   Plankowner
McEachin Jack Burch     EM3(SS) 46   Plankowner
McGinty  Merlin Clarence Murdock MN EM1(SS) 45 - 46 15 December 1999 Plankowner
Meeks Charles Newton     MOMM2(SS) 46   Plankowner
Mikolay John Robert     MOMM2(SS) 46 - 47 6 July 1992 Plankowner
Millett Edward A     TMC(SS) 46   Plankowner
Mitchell Edwin Foster Seminole FL EM2(SS) 46 - 47 9 November 1994 Plankowner
Murray, Jr Earl A     SO3(SS) 46 - 52 Date Unknown Plankowner
Nelson Charles Edward     EMFN(SS) 46 Date Unknown Plankowner
Norrington   William Edward Los Alamitos CA LCDR 45 - 47 24 October 2010 Plankowner, 1st  Executive Officer
Nuttleman Fred Vernon Rogers AR TMC(SS) 46 - 49 13 February 2010 Plankowner
Parden Lee Bob     EMC(SS) 46 - 47 6 January 1991 Plankowner
Parker Eugene Alsup   CA TM3(SS) 46   Plankowner
Patterson, Jr. Hugh Fair Oaks CA EM3(SS) 46 - 48 28 November 2002 Plankowner
Pearson Fred Warren     CTC(SS) 46 25 January 1998 Plankowner
Peterson Stanley A.     LTJG 46   Plankowner
Phoenix Charles E     TMC(SS) 46   Plankowner
Phoenix David A "Dave" Woodstock CT MM2(SS) 46 - 49   Plankowner, Retired as Captain
Rawding William Burt "Scottie" Bedford MA SN(SS) 46 - 49   Plankowner
Reid Wendell Bud St. Petersburg FL MOMM2(SS) 46 15 August 2015 Plankowner
Rendernick John Davis San Diego CA EMC(SS) 46 - 47 26 November 2001 Plankowner
Rivera Bill     TMSN(SS) 46   Plankowner
Robin William Clodomer     YN2(SS) 46   Plankowner
Robinson       StM2c 46   Plankowner
Saunders Paul Golden "Swish" Dunnellon FL GMGC(SS) 46 - 51 Date Unknown Plankowner, Chief of the Boat, One of the most decorated enlisted men in the US Navy
Schulz Edward Michael San Diego CA MOMM3(SS) 46 Date Unknown Plankowner
Schwartz Harold Ray "Hal" Groton CT TM1(SS) 46 - 50 19 February 2006 Plankowner
Senior Harry B Orange Park FL SDC(SS) 46 - 52   Plankowner
Shaeffer Robert Eugene     SC3(SS) 46 & 65 - 67   Plankowner, Returned as COB in 1965
Sharp Harold Larry     ETM3(SS) 46   Plankowner
Shelp James J "JJ" Auburn IA TM2(SS) 46 - 47 9 February 1970 Plankowner
Shipman William "Bill" San Angelo TX HMC(SS) 45 - 47 1 February 1995 Plankowner
Shrum Wesley Monroe Merced CA SA(SS) 45 - 46   Plankowner
Signs William Austen "Pappy" Lunenburg VT TM3(SS) 46 18 February 1997 Plankowner

Leroy Ralph

Long Beach CA TM3(SS) 46 - 51 7 November 2003 Plankowner
Stealey E H     EM3c 46   Plankowner
Stetzer Glen Arnold     SN(SS) 46 - 47    Plankowner

Irwin Grant

Kansas City KS TM2(SS) 46 30 May 2008 Plankowner
Stone C     S1c 46   Plankowner
Strosser Robert Joseph Tucson AZ TM2(SS) 46   Plankowner
Stubbe Arthur W     ETC(SS) 46   Plankowner
Summers Paul Edward "Pete" Edmond OK CDR 46 - 47 28 August 1993 Plankowner, 1st Captain of the Cusk
Tharp Winston G "Moose"     MOMM1(SS) 46   Plankowner
Thomas, Jr. Frank Lincoln Houston TX LT 45 - 47 12 February 2010 Plankowner
Walker Charles W Marydel MD FC3(SS) 46 - 50 2 June 2010 Plankowner
Walker James Everett Summerville SC EM3(SS) 46 2 February 2015 Plankowner
Williams F. N.     TM2c 46   Plankowner
Williamson Phillip Longhurst Paulsboro NJ TM1(SS) 45 - 46   Plankowner
Wanner Vance R Houston TX LT 45 - 48 12 May 1977 Plankowner
White James Allen Sun City AZ QMC(SS) 46 - 47 10 May 2000 Plankowner
Wright Lowell S     CMOMM 46 - 47 Date Unknown Plankowner
Yates Merrin C     TMSN(SS) 46   Plankowner
Zellmer Ernest J. Satellite Beach FL LT 46 - 48   Plankowner, 1st Engineering Officer
Zimmerman Robert C Carthage IN SM2(SS) 46 2 July 2015 Plankowner

If you have any information, pictures, history, or crewmember names/information from the Cusk in 1946 (or any year), please contact the Cusk Webmaster.  Thanks!


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