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1967 - USS Cusk (SS-348) Year by Year History

Crewmembers, Pictures and Memorabilia

The Cusk went on her next to last WestPac cruise in 1967 visiting Pearl Harbor; Yokosuka, Japan; White Beach, Okinawa; Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Bangkok, Thailand, and Subic Bay in the Philippines.  During this tour, the Cusk is awarded her third Vietnam Service medal.  At the end of WestPac, the Cusk returns home to San Diego where she arrives at the Reserve Pier and is berthed next to the reserve submarine, USS Perch.  Cusk families and a Navy Band welcome the crew home.

Click here to see a list of the USS Cusk crewmembers who came aboard in 1967

USS Cusk memorabilia and crew pictures from 1967:

USS WestPac Patch - 1967

(Patch courtesy of Don Killian)

Don & Rita Killian, Mr. & Mrs. Tony Sweeney,

Ed & Mrs. Beale, & Denny & Mrs. West at

the Submarine Ball in San Diego.

(Photo courtesy Don Killian)

A little submarine humor

(Courtesy Don Killian)

USS Cusk Christmas Card

(Photo courtesy Don Killian)

Captain Don Killian getting some sun

at sea during WestPac, 1967

(Photo courtesy Dave Duerr)

USS Cusk coming into Subic Bay, Philippines.

USS Enterprise can be seen in the background

Rick "Ptomaine" Greer and why he got out

(Photo courtesy of Rick Greer)

Tom "Bump" Roseland at door to head,

aft end of After Battery Compartment

(Patch courtesy of Dave Duerr)

David Tuma doing a back flip during

Swim Call.  At sea, 1967 WestPac

(Photo courtesy of Don Killian)

USS Cusk in Buckner Bay, Okinawa

(Photo courtesy Dave Duerr)

More Swim Call Pictures, WestPac, 1967

(Patch courtesy of Don Killian)

A Break from Mess Cooking

Tom Roseland on deck in San Diego in between

peeling potatoes for the evening meal

(Photo courtesy of Dave Duerr)

Larry Murphy, Dave Duerr and Tom Roseland

on the aft deck in San Diego just before

the 1967 WestPac

(Photo courtesy of Dave Duerr)

Getting a little sun on deck

(Patch courtesy of Don Killian)

Jim Branske on topside watch

Subic Bay, Philippines

(Photo courtesy of Dennis Schultz)

USS Cusk publicity photo 1967

Early liberty in Yokosuka, Japan

(Photo courtesy of USS Diodon Website)

Brassrail Bar, Yokosuka, Japan

(Photo courtesy of USS Diodon Website)

Typical street scene in Yokosuka, Japan

(Photo courtesy of USS Diodon Website)

Another street scene in Yokosuka, Japan

(Photo courtesy of USS Diodon Website)


USS Cusk at sea

(Photo courtesy of Paul King)

Mid-1967 in Hong Kong

(Photo courtesy of Gary Gayda)

Tour of Cusk for Manila citizens

(Photo courtesy of Gary Gayda)

Gary Shaw & Darrell Nickerson on Deck

Over 1,200 Manila citizens await tour of Cusk

(Photo courtesy of Gary Gayda)


The USS Cusk sinks the USS Constellation (CVA 64)

During war games off the coast of San Diego, California near Marker #5 in early 1967.  The Constellation came out early in the morning with a screen of five

destroyers, P3 Sub hunters and helicopters dropping their active sonar buoys in the water.  In vain, they searched for the stealthy Cusk, but she penetrated their

screens and got within 800 yards, not just to "sink" the Constellation, but she even got some pictures of the Constellation launching aircraft.       Said Captain

Killian about the attack, "It was a helluva shoot!"


"Tubes aft, Conn, launch a black smoke!"


Seen through the Cusk's #1 periscope, the Constellation's

destroyer screen comes out of Long Beach Harbor for the

war games.  Their active sonar is pinging loudly as they

search in vain for the submarine they know is stalking them.

Look closely through the hazy background and you can see

the Constellation emerging from Long Beach Harbor.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


Still searching for the Cusk, the destroyers criss-cross

each other as a search plane attempts to help. Again, the

Constellation can be seen in the background.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


The fast frigate USS William H. Standley (DLG 32) is

seen through the cross hairs of the Cusk's #1 scope.  In the

foreground, a helicopter from the USS Constellation dips

an active sonar buoy in the water to try and find the Cusk.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


The destroyer USS Stoddard (DD 566) is centered in the

cross hairs of the Cusk's #1 scope as she searches for

"enemy" submarines.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


USS Constellation (CVA 64) is centered in the cross hairs of the Cusk's #1 scope as Captain Don Killian takes a

"final bearing to shoot."
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)


Launching aircraft - The USS Constellation can be seen launching aircraft through the Cusk's #1 scope.
(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)



Crewmembers who served aboard the USS Cusk in 1967:

Last Name First & MI City State Rank/Rate Svc. Date Eternal Patrol Date Comments
Aguinaldo Angel San Diego CA SD2(SS) 65 - 68 Date Unknown  
Allen Earl R Key West FL STS1(SS) 67    
Allen, III Walter New Smyrna Beach FL ENFN(SS) 65 - 68    
Aten Larry R Thomson GA ETR2(SS) 66 - 68    
Beale William F     LT 67    
Benitez Bayani     TN(SS) 65 - 67    
Berg Per       67    
Briggs Neil A Olney Springs CO RM1(SS) 66 - 69    
Brown Charles E Albuquerque NM   67    
Brown W Tyler Portsmouth VA LCDR 67 - 68   Executive Officer
Carr Gary Bremerton WA EMCM(SS) 63 - 69  29 September 2013  
Colocado Michael E Gladstone OR SD3(SS) 65 - 67 11 September 2010  
Costa Louis Providence RI ICC(SS) 67 - 68    
Ebue Simeon San Diego CA EMFN(SS) 66 - 68    
Farkas Lou Oceanside CA LT 64 - 67    
Ferrer Herminigildo B Bonita CA SD2(SS) 67 - 68    
Fisher Harold "Pops" Roseville CA QM1(SS) 65 - 68    
French Richard E. "Frenchy" Port Orchard WA MMCS(SS) 65 - 67    
Gemmill John W Cliftwood Beach NJ LT 67 - 68    Engineering Officer
Greer Rick Dale "Ptomaine" Ft. Worth TX CS2(SS) 65 - 67 24 December 2015 Excellent cook
Hargis Thomas G Westminster CO TM1(SS) 66 - 67    
Hayden John W Kettle Falls WA YN1(SS) 66 - 68    
Healea         67    
Hegg John A "Pappy" Port Orchard OR EN1(SS) 64 - 67 1 August 2003  
Howe Gary Eugene     MM1(SS) 66 - 67    
Howell Donald L Houston TX EM3(SS) 67 - 69 16 July 2005  
Hughes Dana C Visalia CA ENC(SS) 67 11 May 2011  
Johnson Dale C Coronado CA LT 67    
Johnson Gerald L "Audie"     EM2(SS) 67 - 69    
James F "Jim" Johnson Plant City FL RMC(SS) 67 - 68 29 November 2016  
Kallas Alan R "Cal" Vista CA TM2(SS) 66 - 67    
Killian Donald J Brooklyn Park MD LCDR 66 - 68   14th Captain of the Cusk
Kosoff Tracy Monroe Portsmouth RI LT 66 - 68 10 March 2003 Navigation Officer
Krabill Earl Lee Cape Coral FL QM2(SS) 66 - 69    
Lopez David Bakersfield CA EN3(SS) 67 - 69    
Lucien Paul L Seattle WA RM3(SS) 67 - 68    
Anthony L "Tony" Manning Kirkland WA TM3(SS) 67 - 69 7 June 2005  
Martinez Rogelio A     TN(SS) 67 - 68    
Michaels William L "Bill" Dallas TX TM3(SS) 64 - 67    
Morton Wilton L     ENC(SS) 66 - 67    
Ouimet "Doc"     HMC(SS) 68    
Pacleb Emerito T     TN(SS) 67 - 68    
Rillamas Eugenio R "Gino" San Diego CA SD3(SS) 66 - 69    
Reynolds, Jr. John T Panama Beach FL EM2(SS) 66 - 68    
Roseland Tom (a.k.a. Tom Bump) Merritt Island FL STS2(SS) 66 - 69   Cusk Webmaster
Rupert Lee E Worland WY MM2(SS) 66 - 68    
Schultz Dennis D Royal Oak MI STS3(SS) 67 - 69    
Shaeffer Robert Eugene     ENC(SS) 46 & 65 - 67   COB and Plankowner
Sedtal, Jr. Julius J Deer Park TX EN2(SS) 67 - 69    
Shaw Gary R   NE EN2(SS) 66 - 69  2008  
Shoemaker Donald E San Diego CA EMC(SS) 65 - 69 24 May 2013  
Smith Jack T Moline IL FT2(SS) 66 - 67    
Szymanski William A Lake Havasu City AZ EN1(SS) 67 - 69    
Tharp Robert "Paco" Kingston WA EN3(SS) 67 - 69   Retired as CWO4
Thomas Tom C     ST1(SS) 67 - 68    
Tomines Edgar D     MM2(SS) 66 - 67    
Tripp Dale A Las Vegas NV ETC(SS) 67 - 68    
Tuma David F Arlington VA LTJG 66 - 67   Communications officer, Retired as Captain
Walbaum Donald D "Don" Litchfield PA EN1(SS) 66 - 69    
Weaver Jerry L     TMC(SS) 67 - 69    
Weisensee William J "Guber" Woodbine GA LT 65 - 67   One of the first LDOs to attain the rank of CAPT
West Denton W "Denny" Burnsville NC LCDR 65 - 67 26 July 2012 Executive Officer
Whitaker Sandy E Colorado Springs CO RM2(SS) 67 - 69    
Wilson John Steve "Willie" Richland WA EM1(SS) 66 - 69   Author of "Cusk Raider" ship's newsletter
Wilson Richard E     RMSN(SS)


Wingler Harold L "Wingnut" Terre Haute IN EN2(SS) 65 - 67    

If you have any information, pictures, history, or crewmember names/information from the Cusk in 1967 (or any year), please contact the Cusk Webmaster. Thanks!

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 All information and pictures herein were contributed by, and are the property of crewmembers of the USS Cusk.  It is intended solely for your enjoyment and education, and for preserving the memory and history of this great ship.  If you take anything or make copies, please give proper credit.  Your questions and comments are welcomed, as are any pictorial or historical contributions you might wish to donate or loan. 

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