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1969 - USS Cusk (SS-348) Year by Year History

Crewmembers, Pictures and Memorabilia

1969 was an exciting and busy year for the Cusk, and it was also her last year in service to her country.  In the spring of 1969, the Cusk returned home to San Diego from a long, very exciting and her very last WestPac.  Family, friends, and the U. S. Navy Band greeted her on the pier.  No one knew at the time that the Cusk was only months away from her final journey.

In mid-December of 1968, the Cusk submerged and went on an extended reconnaissance patrol in Communist Chinese waters.  She did not surface again until mid-January, 1969 when she went immediately to Hong Kong for some well deserved R&R.  During her very productive patrol, the Cusk collected a huge amount of information.  She also drifted into an abandoned mine field and was chased from the mouth of a Chi-Com port by two destroyers when her periscope was spotted taking pictures of merchant traffic.

During her last WestPac, the Cusk also visited Pearl Harbor; Yokosuka, Japan; White Beach, Okinawa; Sasebo, Japan; and Subic Bay, Philippines.  The Cusk also received her fifth and last Vietnam Service Medal and in addition to her Vietnam service, she participated in numerous operations with U.S., Canadian and Australian Naval forces.

Click here to see a list of the USS Cusk crewmembers who came aboard in 1969

USS Cusk memorabilia and crew pictures from 1969:  (Click on any picture to see its full size)

Bill Syzmanski smiles as the Cusk

enters Yokosuka for the last time.  Another

21 days and we'll be home.

(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)

Arriving at the Reserve Pier in San Diego

on return from WestPac, March 12, 1969

(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)

Article in the "Periscope" magazine for the

San Diego Ballast Point Submarine Base

March 21, 1969

(Document courtesy of John Schmitt)

Welcome Home!

Keith Cisewski's children await their dad

as the USS Cusk returns home from her

last WestPac

(Photo courtesy of Sam Houston)

Mrs. Gayda and husband Gary

(Photo courtesy of Sam Houston)

Crew and families reunited

at the USS Cusk's homecoming

Left center - Chris Quijada & wife.

Just above Chris is Captain Houston

(Photo courtesy of Sam Houston)

Chief Babb & daughter

(Photo courtesy of Sam Houston)

USS Cusk Welcome Home Cake

Representatives of the San Diego Navy

League present a welcome home cake to

Captain Houston and Chief Babb

(Photo courtesy of Sam Houston)

Charlie Tinkle relaxing in Sonar

(Photo courtesy of Dave Lawrence)

Tom Roseland standing on the Stern Planes

Picture taken when the Cusk was in the yards

at 32nd Street in San Diego

(Photo courtesy of Tom Roseland)

Relaxing in the Control Room

Steve "Codger" Rogers and Gerald "Audie"

Johnson talk with an unidentified crewman

in the forward end of the Control Room

(Photo courtesy of Dennis Schultz)

Entering Newport, Ca. 13 June 1969

The USS Cusk's last R&R port visit was

to Newport Beach, California

(Article courtesy of Sam Houston)

Don't take my picture.

John "Jay" Lee stands in front of the

high pressure air manifold

(Photo courtesy of Dennis Schultz)

Newport News Article

Article describes the USS Cusk and

her weekend visit to Newport Beach

(Article courtesy of Sam Houston)

Another Newport Beach News Article

This one describes how a local bank helped

make sure the crew got paid when

they arrived for a weekend of R&R.

(Article courtesy of Sam Houston)

Change of Command Ceremonies

LCDR Thomas Arnold prepares to

assume command of the Cusk from

Captain Sam Houston

(Photo courtesy of Sam Houston)

Last Change of Command

LCDR Thomas Arnold assumes

command of the Cusk from

CDR Sam Houston

(Photo courtesy of Sam Houston)

Last publication of Cusk's History - 1969

(Photo courtesy of Sam Houston)

Article about the USS "Kusk"

(Article courtesy of Sam Houston)

Change of Command - Inside

(Photo courtesy of Sam Houston)

Article about the USS Cusk's

decommissioning ceremony

(Article courtesy of Sam Houston)

Cusk makes top fold of the front page

Article in Vallejo-Times Herald about the

USS Cusk's decommissioning

(Article courtesy of Sam Houston)

"Congratulation on completion of WestPac"

Message from COMSUBFLOT7

as the Cusk departed Yokosuka, Japan

February 25, 1969

(Document courtesy of John Schmitt)

Final Colors

Jerry "Audie" Johnson and another crewmember remove the Cusk's

flag at the end of decommissioning ceremonies

(Photo courtesy of Sam Houston)

Last known picture of the USS Cusk

The Cusk is shown in mothballs at Mare Island.  This picture was taken

30 April 1971, two years after her decommissioning and one year before

she was sold for scrap.  Other boats shown to the to right of the Cusk

are the USS Rock (SS-274), USS Bashaw (SS-241), USS Spinax

(SSR-489), USS Pomodon (SS-486), USS Medregal (SS-480), and

USS Diodon (SS-349)

(Photo courtesy of NavSource.org website)


Crewmembers who served aboard the USS Cusk in 1969:

Last Name First & MI City State Rank/Rate Years on Board Eternal Patrol Date Comments
Arnold Thomas F     LCDR 69   Last Captain of the Cusk (15th)
Bauman B M     FN 69    
Bernight (Rider) Edward "Eddie"     CTM2 69   Navy "Spook" aboard during cold war patrol
Bingman Richard W. "Bing" San Diego CA STCM(SS) 68 - 69    
Briggs Neil A Olney Springs CO RM1(SS) 66 - 69    
Bustria Benjamin L San Diego CA EM1(SS) 68 - 69    
Carr Gary Jay Bremerton WA EMCM(SS) 63 - 69 29 September 2013  
Cisewski Keith L Tombstone AZ TM1(SS)(DV) 68 - 69 11 February 2005  
Coleman Sam "Cookie" South Hill VA CSC(SS) 69 2 November 2004  
Colvard (Rider) Charles E. Coronado CA SSgt 69   Marine aboard during cold war patrol
Castro Daniel J Seal Beach CA SKC(SS) 68 - 69    
Dimalanta Fernando P San Diego CA SD2(SS) 68 - 69    
Douyette Melvin J S. Milwaukee WI MM3(SS) 69    
Eichmann J C     FN 69    
Ellslager D M     TM3 69    
Fordney Don Porter Surprise AZ QM1(SS) 68 - 69    
Gill J L     SN 69    
Gonzalez R A     SN 69    
Gornick J C     SN 69    
Hedman Richard C "Ric" Mountlake Terrace WA TN(SS) 69    
Houston Albert W "Sam" Cocoa Beach FL CDR 68 - 69 17 June 2005 14th Captain of the Cusk
Howell Donald L Houston TX EM3(SS) 67 - 69 16 July 2005  
Jones Kenneth G Sarepta LA EM1(SS) 69    
Knight John R Edgerton WI RMC(SS) 68 - 69    
Krabill Earl Lee Cape Coral FL QM2(SS) 66 - 69    
Lawrence David C Marietta GA STS3(SS) 68 - 69 12 April 2014  
Longanilla Sinforoso San Diego CA SD2(SS) 68 - 69    
Linne' William F "Bill" Vacaville CA RMSN(SS) 69    
McIlvaine J B     ENS 69    
Mallery James R Auburn CA TM2(SS) 68 - 69    
Anthony L "Tony" Manning Kirkland WA TM3(SS) 67 - 69 7 June 2005  
Martinez Rogelio A San Diego CA TN(SS) 67 - 68    
Mello R A     SN(SS) 69    
Morrissette Leo M Johnston RI YN1(SS) 68 - 69    
Natividad Perfecto A San Diego CA SK1(SS) 68 - 69    
Nichols Robert   CA QM1(SS) 68 - 69 2007  
Nixon Ed V Milton FL SN 69    
Pacleb Emerito T San Diego CA TN(SS) 67 - 68    
Peperyias George Mystic Island NJ MM2(SS) 68 - 69    
Quijada Christopher R "Chris" Groton CT RM1(SS) 68 - 69 6 July 2003  
Reef John S Naperville IL LT 68 - 69 20 January 2011  
Rillamas Eugenio R "Gino" San Diego CA SD3(SS) 66 - 69    
Roseland Tom (a.k.a. Tom Bump) Merritt Island FL STS2(SS) 66 - 69   Cusk Webmaster
Rusconi Richard E Elk Grove CA EN2(SS) 69    
Schultz Dennis D Royal Oak MI STS3(SS) 67 - 69    
Sedtal, Jr. Julius J Deer Park TX EN2(SS) 67 - 69    
Shaw Gary R   NE EN2(SS) 66 - 69 2008  
Shoemaker Donald E San Diego CA EMC(SS) 65 - 69 24 May 2013  
Sibley G S     LTJG 69    
Steinback J M     SN 69    
Szymanski William A Lake Havasu City AZ EN1(SS) 67 - 69    
Tharp Robert "Paco" Kingston WA EN3(SS) 67 - 69   Retired as CWO4
Thompson M E     SN 69    
Tipton Jimmie D "Tip" Tulsa OK IC1(SS) 69    
Tomines Edgar Bonita CA MM2(SS) 68 - 69    
Troutman John Leo Clarksville MD LT 68 - 69   Last Engineering Officer
VanHorn Victor P "Pinger" Peotone IL STS3(SS) 69   Last crewmember to qualify aboard the Cusk
Walbaum Donald D "Don" Litchfield PA EN1(SS) 66 - 69    
Webb John "Sparky" Vallejo CA RM3(SS) 69    
Whitaker Sandy E Colorado Springs CO RM2(SS) 67 - 69    
Williams B W     SN 69    
Wilson John Steve "Willie" Richland WA EM1(SS) 66 - 69   Author of "Cusk Raider" ship's newsletter
Wood Gary Stanwood WA FTE3(SS) 68 - 69    
Wood Larry The Villages FL SK3(SS) 68 - 69    

If you have any information, pictures, history, or crewmember names/information from the Cusk in 1969 (or any year), please contact the Cusk Webmaster. Thanks!

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 All information and pictures herein were contributed by, and are the property of crewmembers of the USS Cusk.  It is intended solely for your enjoyment and education, and for preserving the memory and history of this great ship.  If you take anything or make copies, please give proper credit.  Your questions and comments are welcomed, as are any pictorial or historical contributions you might wish to donate or loan. 

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